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12 de enero de 2024

American ginseng

I've spent the last month reading and writing about American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius). What an amazing story! After somehow surviving 300 years of exploitation, this plant has earned my respect. For a quick introduction, see the lead paragraphs of the wikipedia article on American ginseng.

The following is from New Flora of Vermont [2015]:

Ginseng, "shang." Forests and woodlands, usually on soils derived from calcareous bedrock, near colluvial traprock or below talus slopes, often in the sugar maple-basswood-white ash association; frequent. Specimens seen from all except Essex, Franklin, and Bennington counties, but it probably occurs in all. There has been substantial trade in this species at various times in Vermont, probably beginning soon after its discovery in North America in 1720 (Thompson 1842). Its roots are still collected for sale. There has been some planting of it into the wild for this purpose, and it has also been commercially cultivated. Those collecting it have been called "shangers" and hunting for it has been called "shanging."

In my limited experience, this species is rather uncommon (not "frequent") in VT, with very few individuals per occurrence. What is your experience with this species?

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