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15 de junio de 2022

Moose encounter

While hiking the Austin Brook Trail in the Breadloaf Wilderness of the Green Mountain National Forest, I saw an animal browsing the vegetation further down the trail, but it didn't see me at first. Based on its size and color, I knew it had to be a moose.

I expected the animal to retreat into the woods as I got closer but it stood its ground and stared at me as I approached. At one point, I stopped and advanced no further. To my surprise, the moose started walking towards me, first a step, then a few more steps. Eventually it became too close for comfort, so I backed into the woods along the trail. I tripped, which startled the moose, but both of us regained our composure, after which she continued her slow advance.

If I would have allowed it, I believe the moose would have come right up to me. It seemed she was genuinely curious, not hostile. In the end, I slowly walked away, leaving the animal to stare after me. As I walked down the trail, I kept looking over my shoulder, thinking the moose might be following me, but I didn't see it again.

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