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26 de enero de 2023

iNaturalists Helped the Vermont Atlas of Life Build Biodiversity Big Data in 2022

From Jim Armbruster's observation of a Red Fox in the snow on New Year's morning, to Levi Smith's Tufted Titmouse eating seeds on New Year's Eve, iNaturalists added over 202,000 biodiversity records to our rapidly growing database of life in Vermont in 2022.

Top 10 species reported to iNaturalist Vermont in 2022. Click to on the image to explore at iNaturalist.

The number of observations shared with iNaturalist Vermont each day in 2022.

Amazing observations kept coming all year long. We had 4,756 species verified by 7,661 people, culminating in a total of 202,204 observationsin 2022. Over 4,220 naturalists and experts helped to identify and verify data.

Read the entire Blog post, from interesting findings to special plants, on the Vermont Atlas of Life Blog.

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