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10 de febrero de 2016

Important! Changes to GBIF Licensing Requirements

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) will soon require all observations from iNat to use the CC0, CC BY, or CC BY-NC licenses, so if you want to continue contributing to GBIF and you don’t use one of these licenses, change your observation license preferences at This only affects your observation license choice, not your photo license choice. We strongly encourage you to do this so that this data can be used for science and conservation far into the future. Learn more about this from the iNaturalist Blog at

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19 de febrero de 2016

January 2016 iNaturalist Vermont Photo-observation of the Month

Congratulations to Shawneevt for winning the January 2016 iNaturalist Vermont Photo-observation of the Month contest. The image of a Red Squirrel feeding on an old apple was the most popular photo-observation as measured by clicked ‘favs’. Visit iNaturalist Vermont, a project of the Vermont Atlas of Life, and you can vote for the February winner by clicking ‘fav’ on your favorites. Make sure you get outdoors and submit your discoveries, and you could be a winner this month!


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