Quest #2a Surveying the False Heath

We need some help please in surveying the False Heaths historical distributions.


Although it is not the ideal season (Jun-Sept is best), we can still try, and get observations of surrounding species as well.
Details of sites that we need data from can be found here:

Off the Peninsula, the records that need attention are:
Please count and record your counts using the RedList (s Afr) project and record any threats.

  • Sir Lowries Pass (De Jonge 1896) Cape Town - This population has not been seen since. But as the current Pass was opened in 1830, this is likely to be the current pass, and not the old vertical, oxwaggon, Gantou Pass. However, it is likely to be near the summit and not the west ascent, and possible the east plateau, in which case these were probably wiped out by the pine plantations of the 1900s.
    Please be aware of security issues.

  • Houhoek Pass, Botrivier. Only picnic place in the pass as you drive to Grabouw to Botrivier. Altitude.: ±340m. (de Lange 1996, Forester 1996) Overberg This seems a low hanging fruit with a precise locality. There are lots of specials here, so please keep an eye out for anything in flower in the area.
  • Hemel en Aarde.(Ecklon 1800s); Farm of old Moravian missionary.(De Lange 1987)Overstrand Another low hanging fruit with a precise locality. Please arrange access beforehand. And look for other specials here too: basically anything in flower.
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