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15 de noviembre de 2022

Final Results

The Overberg earned 5th place in the overall international GSB and 4th place in the southern Africa GSB. This was Overberg’s first Bioblitz and this outcome is a very exciting! Thanks to all for helping us make 10294 observations of 1897 species!

Overberg Stats:

  • 93 Observers took part
  • Biodiversity species: 75% plants, 11% insects, 6% birds, 2% mammals, 2% spiders, 1% fungi, 1% mollusks
  • 54% of observations obtained research grade
  • 9% of species were of threatened species
  • an average of 20 species p. observer

You can see all the final results here: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/great-southern-bioblitz-2022-southern-africa-umbrella/journal

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11 de noviembre de 2022

Overberg’s final sprint to the finish line

We are heading into the specialist phase in 4th place in southern Africa with 10200 observations : 48% of the Overberg’s observations are at research grade but 5200 observations still need ID’s.

With 4 days until the deadline, the stats for the 3 areas making up the Overberg look as follows:

  • Bredasdorp area: 53% research grade, 2009 observations still need ID’s.
  • Theewaterskloof: 46% research grade, 2353 observations still need ID’s
  • Swellendam area: 39% research grade, 915 observations still need ID’s

We now need our area specialists to help us with the final ID’s:

Must read Umbrella journal: https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/138564/journal/72508

Can't wait to see you all at the finish line!

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02 de noviembre de 2022

And now what?

Instructions for the identification phase of the Great Southern Bioblitz 2022 can be found here:

Fore the latest updates, if you have not already, please join https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/great-southern-bioblitz-2022-southern-africa-umbrella

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01 de noviembre de 2022

ID-ing Overberg observations

For this next step, we need much help from all our expert ID-ers. The Identify tool gives the best experience for ID-ing. (Select identify on the top menu bar on the website)

Important filters to use:

  • Project: Great Southern Bioblitz 2022 Overberg (This will automatically include Theewaterskloof, Swellendam area and Bredasdorp area)
  • Categories: Unknown taxa (see leaf with ?), plants (see leaf) and any other taxa (bird etc.)
  • Quality grade: Casual and Need ID
  • Dates 28 Oct to 31 Oct
    Then update or reset filters

Alternatively, if you rather want to work with links, here goes:

This is that fabulous part of the GSB where experts and observers engage!

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Observations are done, now upload and ID-ing

We have 14 days to upload until the 14th of November. Please try have it all done before 8 November. Uploading is half of the work, Identifying follows and must also be done by 14 Novemeber.

When uploading, don’t spend too much time trying to identify your observations. Identify to the level you are most comfortable at. Family or genus level, even unknowns are perfectly fine. The experts will take it further and help your observations reach research grade. Please don’t use a buddy system, we aim for quality data.

Remember to keep checking your observations every couple of days as ID-ers will give you suggestions that you need to react to (or not if you don’t know).

Don't forget to vote for the best observations. To vote, simply click the FAVE button (below the map on any observation or in the identify tool see bottom left panel)

Enjoy this is a very exciting part of the GSB.

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20 de octubre de 2022

Overberg's Great Southern Bioblitz Events

Everyone is invited to participate in our events, to help us record the biodiversity of plant and animal species.
Remember sun hat, closed shoes, pack a snack and bring water along, phone battery fully charged and have iNaturalist app downloaded on your phones

THEEWATERSKLOOF municipal area:

  • 28 OCT, 9h30, CALEDON Wildflower Garden, RSVP Lizël 071 121 4428
  • 29 OCT, 9h30, CALEDON SWARTBERG, Join Ismail Ebrahim, RSVP 076 475 5321
  • 30 OCT, 9h00, TESSELAARSDAL to Haarkappers trail loop, Permit R80pp, RSVP Ian 083 357 4132, Crew members only, limited to 7
  • 30 OCT, 7h29, GREYTON Knietjes Hoogte, Loerkop, Mountain and Rusty Gates, meet at Greyton Lodge, RSVP Helen 072 134 1665 or Carol 083 255 5578
  • 31 OCT, 9h30, GENADENDAL hiking trail, meet at Church square, Guide fee pp, RSVP Ian 083 357 4132

SWELLENDAM municipal area:

  • 28 OCT, 8h30, BONTEBOK PARK, meet at BP office, RSVP Ross 083 313 6373
  • 28 OCT, 10h00, WINDHOEK (adjacent to de Hoop), Join Ismail Ebrahim 076 475 5321
  • 29 OCT, 9h00, INFANTA end of de Hoop NR, meet at Bent Head Pub, come in high clearance vehicle RSVP Amida and Cape Nature Conservation Manager Mark Johns 073 610 0695
  • 30 OCT, 8h30, MARLOTH, Die Plaat, meet at Marloth office, RSVP Babara 072 596 2106
  • 31 OCT, 8h00, WOLFKLOOF FARM, bordering Marloth, meet at Wolfkloof Boerdery, More info Beneke 072 154 7050
  • 30 OCT, 8h30, BARRYDALE Joubert Tradouw Wine Estate, RSVP Flora 082 853 6452
  • 31 OCT, 8h30, BARRYDALE Ben Moodie walk, RSVP Flora 082 853 6452


  • 28 OCT, 9h00, AGULHAS PRIVATE NR, meet end of Ocean drive, RSVP Emm 072 601 6168
  • 28 OCT, 10h00, NAPIER Reservoir rd (am) onto Oshana Napierberg (pm), meet at Napier Dutch Reformed Church, RSVP Ina 083 266 7652
  • 28 OCT, 14h00, ELIM Sandberg Fynbos Reserve, Crew members only, RSVP Charleen 073 610 3824
  • 29 OCT, 10h00, NAPIER Vierfontein (am) onto Skurwekop (pm), meet at Napier Dutch Reformed Church, RSVP Ina 083 266 7652
  • 29 OCT, 9H00, ELIM GEELKOP, meet at Maak-it-Mooi Coffee Shop, RSVP Carl 082 780 5448
  • 30 OCT, 9h00, RIETFONTEIN, AGULHAS NP, meet at 3 green water tanks (on Uintjieskuil/Rietfontein ANP access rd) RSVP Ian 083 357 4132
  • 31 OCT, 10h00, NAPIER, Quartz koppies of Soetmuisberg, meet at Napier Dutch Reformed Church, RSVP Ina 083 266 7652
  • 31 OCT, 9h00, WATERFORD (NW section), AGULHAS NP, meet at NW-end of Waterford rd (500m from R43 on rocky outcrop), come in high clearance vehicle or we can share lifts, RSVP Charleen and Mike 073 610 3824.
  • 31 OCT, 9h30, AGULHAS BERG, meet at Agulhas Heemhuis on Van Druitensingel, RSVP Emm 072 601 6168 or Mosie 082 296 0144
  • 31 OCT, 14h00, HEIDEHOF, explore Limestone Fynbos and more, RSVP Charleen 073 610 3824, Crew members only
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19 de octubre de 2022

Odd checks needed:

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18 de octubre de 2022

Quest #2a Surveying the False Heath

We need some help please in surveying the False Heaths historical distributions.

see https://www.inaturalist.org/projects/audouinia-capitata-false-heath

Although it is not the ideal season (Jun-Sept is best), we can still try, and get observations of surrounding species as well.
Details of sites that we need data from can be found here:


Off the Peninsula, the records that need attention are:
Please count and record your counts using the RedList (s Afr) project and record any threats.

  • Sir Lowries Pass (De Jonge 1896) Cape Town - This population has not been seen since. But as the current Pass was opened in 1830, this is likely to be the current pass, and not the old vertical, oxwaggon, Gantou Pass. However, it is likely to be near the summit and not the west ascent, and possible the east plateau, in which case these were probably wiped out by the pine plantations of the 1900s.
    Please be aware of security issues.

  • Houhoek Pass, Botrivier. Only picnic place in the pass as you drive to Grabouw to Botrivier. Altitude.: ±340m. (de Lange 1996, Forester 1996) Overberg This seems a low hanging fruit with a precise locality. There are lots of specials here, so please keep an eye out for anything in flower in the area.
  • Hemel en Aarde.(Ecklon 1800s); Farm of old Moravian missionary.(De Lange 1987)Overstrand Another low hanging fruit with a precise locality. Please arrange access beforehand. And look for other specials here too: basically anything in flower.
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13 de octubre de 2022

Quest #1 Overberg - where is the Horny Leaffig?

We please urgently need data for Skiatophytum skiatophytoides Horny Leaffig

We are specifically looking for good pictures of flowers and fruit. And more records.

See the map tab on the link above for iNaturalist localities.
See the phenology graph for the ideal season: October-November.

Bredasdorp District:

  • Brandfontein., Brandfontein nr coast, track from Brandfontein to Aasfontein
  • Ratelriver
  • Soetendalsvlei area, Soetendalsvallei - roadside w of Jubilee Hill
  • Springfield
  • Baardskeerdesbos at homestead.(Heidehof farm)
  • Franschekraal flats
  • Gansbaai Road, 2 miles W of Agulhas-Bredasdorp road

We also want to know if there are any records of its sister species Skiatophytum tripolium https://www.inaturalist.org/taxa/594561-Skiatophytum-tripolium Flat Leaffig
south of Stanford. There are no records in the Pretoria herbarium for Agulhas at all, but iNaturalist records appear to be this from Phiilipskop and north of Papiesvlei just e of Stanford.

More details here:
Basically we want to see if there is an easily visible difference in the fruit, and how close these two species get to one another. Our hypothesis is that they will not overlap in distribution.

You can help. Please visit these areas and look for these species.
Dont forget to record everything else of interest that you might observe as well for the Great Southern Bioblitz.

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12 de octubre de 2022

Come bioblitz with us in the Overberg!

The Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) is around the corner. Everyone is waiting for our events to be announced. The aim is to make as many as possible observations from 28 to 31 October of flora in our diverse Fynbos and also of pollinators, birds, mammals, reptiles, fungi and marine life on our shores. We want to share with the world the Overberg's special place in the Cape Floristic Region.

It is easy to take part, you need a love of nature and curiosity about species occurring naturally in the wild. You must also be willing to use iNaturalist and have an internet connection.

Download the free iNaturalist app and head out for a walk. Explore your local area, go hiking, discover wild flowers and wildlife on road verges, vacant stands and the beach. Look up into the sky and see what is flying past or look under rocks and in the soil to see what wriggles there. Take photos with a camera or phone.

Tips for taking photos:

  • Try take clear photos, it helps experts with identifications
  • Take photos from different angles
  • Plants: take photos of flowers, leaves and fruits or seeds, growth habit and habitat
  • Insects: as much as possible of the whole body. Take from above and from the side. Extra detail like antennae, eyes and legs also help. Look at what your bug is sitting on and what he is doing.

Then upload your photos using the app or website. In many ways the website version of iNaturalist is more satisfying because it has more functionality.

To learn more about iNaturalist and the GSB join the popular weekly online iNaturalist tutorial sessions on Teams. For login details: send an email to crew@sanbi.org.za
You may also find more help on how to get started and video tutorials here: https://www.inaturalist.org/pages/help

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