Come bioblitz with us in the Overberg!

The Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) is around the corner. Everyone is waiting for our events to be announced. The aim is to make as many as possible observations from 28 to 31 October of flora in our diverse Fynbos and also of pollinators, birds, mammals, reptiles, fungi and marine life on our shores. We want to share with the world the Overberg's special place in the Cape Floristic Region.

It is easy to take part, you need a love of nature and curiosity about species occurring naturally in the wild. You must also be willing to use iNaturalist and have an internet connection.

Download the free iNaturalist app and head out for a walk. Explore your local area, go hiking, discover wild flowers and wildlife on road verges, vacant stands and the beach. Look up into the sky and see what is flying past or look under rocks and in the soil to see what wriggles there. Take photos with a camera or phone.

Tips for taking photos:

  • Try take clear photos, it helps experts with identifications
  • Take photos from different angles
  • Plants: take photos of flowers, leaves and fruits or seeds, growth habit and habitat
  • Insects: as much as possible of the whole body. Take from above and from the side. Extra detail like antennae, eyes and legs also help. Look at what your bug is sitting on and what he is doing.

Then upload your photos using the app or website. In many ways the website version of iNaturalist is more satisfying because it has more functionality.

To learn more about iNaturalist and the GSB join the popular weekly online iNaturalist tutorial sessions on Teams. For login details: send an email to
You may also find more help on how to get started and video tutorials here:

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