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Natoona Pimatshihk Dans La Vil Michif . Search for Life in the City

Hi there

In 2023 a number of cities across the Prairie Provinces are registered to participate in the global City Nature Challenge (CNC).

We acknowledge that Saskatoon and area ise situated in Treaty 6 Territory and Homeland of the Métis. Those who entered into Treaty 6 are the nêhiyawak (Cree), nakawē (Saulteaux), and yankton and yanktonai (Nakota) people. May our relationships with the land, standing peoples, forests, and waters teach us to honour and respect the past and invite us to move forward in harmony. May we all come together as friends, to find inspiration and guidance from histories, languages, and cultures which broaden our understanding and community collaboration for the present and future.

The CNC slogan ‘City Nature Challenge’ translated into Michif, the language of the Métis People translates as

How many of the species listed below can you observe, photograph, and/or make a sound recording? Remember to never pester an animal or trample plants in an effort to record an observation.

Explore the Michif Dictionary for the correspondences of the biodiversity you find during the City Nature Challenge!

Try this Michif Insect word search puzzle

Or this Michif word search

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Be the Voice for Nature
Find it
Snap it
Share it
What will you discover?
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Saskatoon and area

Besides the City of Saskatoon the map shows that the surrounding area of Saskatoon includes
Eagle Ridge
Pike Lake
St. Denis
the RM of Aberdeen 373
the RM of Colonsay 342
the RM of Corman Park 344
the RM of Dundurn 314
the RM of Grant 372
the RM of Great Bend 405
the RM of Montrose 315
the RM of Morris 312
the RM of Vanscoy 345
Valley Park

All of these areas (in alphabetical order) are shown to be within the Saskatoon and Area City Nature Challenge YXE iNaturalist area. (The rural municipality areas may be entirely or partially in the CNC YXE DNU area.)

Please email if any are missed Thanks

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Saskatoon greenspaces

The borders for the Saskatoon Area for the City Nature Challenge are similar to other Canadian cities participating in the City Nature Challenge which include open spaces around their city.

Please record iNaturalist sightings for the City of Saskatoon park spaces, the South Saskatchewan River area (being very careful around water), and on any land within the Saskatoon area as marked on the map. Please be respectful of private property, i.e. record living organism on your own land, or on public space. Living organism can include fungi, insects, birds, waterfowl, plants, animals, anything from nature which is "alive" etcetera.

In the Area Around Saskatoon
In the areas commonly thought of as "rural" or places which happen to be within the boundaries of the Rural Municipalities are the following greenspaces open to the public which Saskatoon and area naturalists visit to document (in alphabetical order):

Beaver Creek Conservation Area
Blackstrap Coulee (North side )
Borden Bridge Campground
Boundary Trail
Bradwell Reservoir Area
Brightwater Marsh and Reservoir
Chappell Marsh Conservation Area
Cranberry Flats Conservation Area
John Heal Canoe Launch
Leisureland-Maple Grove
Paradise Beach
Peter and Lola Pontikes Wildlife Viewpoint
Pike Lake Park
Poplar Bluffs Conservation Area
Porter Lake

There is encouragement to record "native or wild" species in preference to "cultivated or tame" species. Where it is nice to practice the use of iNaturalist on potted house plants, the garden or the family dog or cat, iNaturalist helps scientists- zoologists, entomologists, botanists, ecologists, etc- around the world with the documenting of those organisms which are "native or wild."

Within the City of Saskatoon city limits
To this end, here is a listing of naturalized greenspace sites within the City of Saskatoon city limits. (in alphabetical order)

Donna Birkmaier Park
Gabriel Dumont Park
George Genereux Urban Regional Park
Heritage Park
Hyde Park
Lakewood Park
Mark Thompson Park
Meewasin Trail (alongside the South Saskatchewan riverbank)
Mendel Site (old)
Northeast Swale
Patricia Roe Park
Richard St. Barbe Baker Afforestation Area
Sanatorium Site
Small Swale
Weir (Respect all signage at the weir, and do not enter places prohibited)

This listing compiled with thanks to Renny W. Grilz, PAg, Resource Management Officer Meewasin Valley Authority, Moira Moser Naturalized Parks Supervisor, Naturalized Parks, Parks Department, City of Saskatoon and three editions of the book Nature Viewing Sites in and around Saskatoon 1992, 2000, 2016 by the Saskatoon Nature Society and the Friends of the Saskatoon Afforestation Areas Inc.

This listing is open to additions, please email about a site within the area of the City Nature Challenge Saskatoon Area Map which you use to view nature, if a place happened to be inadvertently missed.

The perimeter of the entire Saskatoon Area is 329 km in size.
The area is 6600 km squared
It is roughly 100 km wide east to west
by approximately 70 km north to south

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Search Where you Are!

In these busy times, people may be working, or at school. So, how to be involved in the City Nature Challenge? Search where you are! Download a pdf hints and tips for searching for nature around your home!
or the Fungi pdf is another great download!

The birds are coming back! Which ones will you discover? It is a great way to monitor the songbird population! Will you see or hear meadowlarks, Robins, Blue Jays, Black Capped Chickadees doing their two note spring territory call? What about insects? Remember what Greg says; "Bugs rule the numbers game! " Flies, butterflies, Boxelder bugs, ladybugs (lady betles), cocoons, ants may catch your eye. Remember to leave no stone unturned! Look on top of branches and stones for lichens, conks, or shelf fungi. Peek into the bark of trees, or into the cracks of fences, never know what may be found!

And have a lot of fun! Discover nature in a greenspace, or in your yard, along your sidewalk, in the afforestation areas, in the swales of Saskatoon, along the River Bank!

Saskatoon and Area City Nature Challenge

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