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06 de diciembre de 2023

Canada Goldenrod S. canadensis -->Solidago Sect. Unilaterales NEW species naming

"S. canadensis is now considered to be an eastern species, not found in SK. Plants that would have been classified as such are split into S. altissima and S. lepida."

See this observation from whence the quotation came from AT je9h Canada Goldenrod

The range of S. canadensis has been updated and it has been proposed to reclassify S. canadensis observations in SK to S. lepida or altissima.

See the reclassified range of S. canadensis here (

The range of S. lepida here (

The range of S. altissima here (

This "Solidago Subsect. Triplinerviae" subsection includes S. lepida and altissima.

or the higher section

Solidago Sect. Unilaterales

See this observation for the above quotation from AT jpwasan about Canada Goldenrod The range maps are very handy at the above webpages!

Solidago lepida var. lepida is the variation seen in SK S. lepida = Western Canada Goldenrod of the two variants, S. lepida var. lepida (leafy inflorescence with ascending branches) can be found in Saskatchewan Whereas, S. lepida var. salebrosa (non-leafy inflorescence with spreading arching branches) not so much in SK

Solidago altissima var. gilvocanescens (Rydb.) Solidago altissima = Late goldenrod can be seen with mid to upper stem ball galls. Of the variants, only var. gilvocanescens can be seen in Southern Saskatchewan, i.e. Saskatoon area and southerly. The other two variants are found in Eastern Canada i.e. var. altissima and var. pluricephala

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