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03 de octubre de 2016

October Kick-off - Mollusca with Friends

I was very fortunate to have the chance the start the month of October off with friends, both new and old, at one of my favorite "shelling" locations in San Diego. @susanhewitt was in town from New York and organized a get together with a few other SoCal people that are interested in Mollusca. @jannvendetti @cedric_lee @silversea_starsong joined Susan and me for a fun time along the coast.

It was great to get meet Jann, Cedric for the first time and re-meet James again. Each of them has helped me with or more life forms in the past.

It is always a learning experience when I get to spend time with Susan. And it is so much fun. He knowledge of the shells that are strewn along the beach is just amazing, and not only does she teach you how to figure out the species of the shell, but can provide the life history of them to. It makes finding a chuck of sculptured calcium carbonate so much fun.

Jann let me know how I can help her SLIME project with my observations here in the San Diego area. I look very much forward to doing this. She thanked me for my previous contributions to SLIME, but were it not for SLIME I am certain that I wouldn't have taken photos of just about every snail and slug that I encounter. I think I'm getting better with identifying them to species, but it isn't easy at all.

I am flabbergasted by the knowledge that Cedric that has gained in a relatively short time with the local Land Snails and Slugs (Order Stylommatophora). Plus he taught me trick to hopefully start finding some additional species on my own even though I will have no idea of what they. I bet I'll be typing "@cedric_lee " lot in the future.

James is very well rounded with interests all across the board. I'm not sure if he has a true specialty any longer as it seems he's venturing all over the place with flora and fauna, but it used to lady beetles and he is my go to source there.

This outing was a perfect example of how iNaturalist can bring together professional scientist with avid amateurs in the growing of Citizen Science. I urge all iNat users to meet with specialist, whether professional or amateur, whenever they get the chance. The fun times and knowledge gained during these outings is invaluable.

That you all for starting off my October on such a high note.

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