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12 de mayo de 2014

Inexpensive Blacklight Set-up

Bio Quip has what is considered the top of the line blacklight for insects.
The cost was a bit higher than I wanted to spend in order to see just how interested I would be in this type of activity.

I wanted to create an inexpensive blacklight to use in my yard to see what kind of insects I could attract so I went for a stroll through WalMart and Home Depot. What I put together costs less than $20 total and gives me a workable solution. It is by no means as good as the one produced by Bio Quip, but is something that I can easily use for a fraction of the cost.

Bayco 8.5'' Clamp Light

with a 60W Equivalent Black Spiral CFL Light Bulb

Total cost was about $15.

Give it a shot and let me know how it works for you.

So far I've attracted multiple species of moths, wasps and beetles plus other bugs. With a portable battery I took it out to the desert for the first time and it worked well there too. Some of the linked observations actually have the insect sitting on the inner rim of the light reflector.

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