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28 de agosto de 2013

St Louis and Beyond - August 2013

I was able to take a trip to St Louis and had the time to do plenty of wildlife observing while my wife worked away at a business conference. I only had one specific target for the trip, my lifer Eurasian Tree Sparrow. Other than that I decided that I would get around to different states and counties as much as possible.

One of my desires has been to list 100 bird species for each of the lower 48 states. Somewhere along the line I decided that i wanted at least one bird for each county in each state. Now my goal is one iNat observation per county per state.

The iNat gurus put out some data that showed the number of observations for each county in the US. iNat user bouteloua made some great maps that showed where I was headed had plenty of areas devoid of data in iNat.!topic/inaturalist/CeFQAumJAm4

Using this data I made an effort to add observations to previously untouched counties along with adding to many other counties. I was able to visit four previously "un-iNatted" counties and I also added my first observations for four states (Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee) though I must return as I am no where nowhere my goal of counties or 100 birds.

Below is a breakdown of my observations by county. I had a fantastic time and look forward to my next trip back to that area and those other counties that I have yet to visit.

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