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07 de noviembre de 2019

Quality control help needed

Below are links to species that were newly documented for Illinois on iNaturalist in 2019. Your help is needed to:

  • Mark observations as "not wild" (cultivated/planted) when appropriate
  • Doublecheck identifications

I always do some QC myself, but with the competition neck-in-neck this year there needs to be a little extra scrutiny. Can you volunteer a little time to help out?

In the "Not in common" section, there are two columns on the right. The first column shows observations that were recorded on iNaturalist before 2019, but not in 2019. It actually serves as kind of a hitlist as well, i.e. what haven't we found yet in 2019 that might be easily documented since it has been found and confirmed before? The second column are species that were found in 2019 but not years prior. I've been going through these every other month or so. Usually these are new documentations for iNaturalist in Illinois (exciting!). However, they are sometimes actually planted organisms that the observer forgot to mark as planted. Other times they are misidentifications.

If you really want to get into it, you can remove "&quality_grade=research" from the search filters at the top of the page and go through the Needs ID observations too. This compare tool is really handy. You can use all the search filters listed here to compare different sets of data.

Another task that would be really helpful is to download the current list of observations and compare the species found with a list of species that have been previously documented in Illinois.

As always, here's the general link to help identify too:

»Help Identify


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