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03 de abril de 2014

Homework 7 and Guest Lectures

Homework 7 is here - remember I'm gone next week so two different guest lectures I hope you'll enjoy on Tuesday and Thursday.

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16 de abril de 2014

Homework #8 (Due this thursday) & Twin Peaks

Homework #8 is posted here - just a paragraph about your final project so please turn in (via email) THIS THURSDAY.
and if you want to go to Twin Peaks on Wednesday to look for Mission Blue Butterflies, meet at the Mission 24th Street BART station at 2pm (Liam can only make 2pm) and I'll give you a ride up or meet at the Twin Peaks parking lot at 2:30pm. Please add a comment here if you can make it and/or can drive.

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20 de abril de 2014

Tilden Bioblitz Sunday

Here's some details on the Tilden Bioblitz:

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22 de abril de 2014

Final project presentation schedule and Homework #9 & #10

The last two homeworks: Homework #9 &
Homework #10 are posted. Both are due May 6th. The link to the observations needed in Homework #9 is here.

Also, here's the schedule for Final Presentations. So far everyone has their first choice. If you're not on this list it either means you didn't turn in Homework #8 or I accidentally overlooked you. In either case - contact me ASAP so we can make sure your on track with your final project!

04/29/14 11:00:00 AM marceairene, sierranicole
04/29/14 11:15:00 AM dlimandri, guiltyascharge
04/29/14 11:30:00 AM kat14, zoozannah
04/29/14 11:45:00 PM ruby_v
04/29/14 12:00:00 PM smvance70
04/29/14 12:15:00 PM audrey

05/01/14 11:00:00 AM gabbyp
05/01/14 11:15:00 AM sgoldthang
05/01/14 11:30:00 AM marisa
05/01/14 11:45:00 AM bstudent
05/01/14 12:00:00 PM lugefool
05/01/14 12:15:00 PM pdurr

05/06/14 11:00:00 AM ajcruik
05/06/14 11:15:00 AM jihyunan
05/06/14 11:30:00 AM nfs
05/06/14 11:45:00 AM rtdecca
05/06/14 12:00:00 PM jameskong
05/06/14 12:15:00 PM nataliemarisa
05/06/14 12:30:00 PM megeck

05/08/14 11:00:00 AM turmiyah
05/08/14 11:15:00 AM bburs
05/08/14 11:30:00 AM jrpscott
05/08/14 11:45:00 AM jaish24
05/08/14 12:00:00 PM kerby365, e_michael, dross
05/08/14 12:15:00 PM rwilliams
05/08/14 12:30:00 PM evamar

Field Trip Thursday before class 9am East Bay

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30 de abril de 2014

Before Class FieldTrip, Th 9:00am in Parking Lot on East Side of Campus

Meet me in this parking lot behind McCone at 9:00am Th if you guys want to go on the last field trip. This map shows how to get to the parkinglot from McCone:

We'll wonder up the trails in these hills and maybe get as far as Strawberry Canyon before we have to turn back for class. As usual, call me at 415-278-1220 if you can't find the group.

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