Back to Life!

The project just became boosted!

Actually, the project never stood true to its name before - as the 'UZA II' part was largely omitted by the restrictive project borders.
Upon request, this has been changed now and an influx of new observations and species is expected in the next time (esp. from the Bee.Ed garden?)

Here, I want to show the direct impact the change in area coverage had right after implementation

before: 980 observations; <600 species

now: 1104 obs; 636 species

So, one milestone (> 1000 observations) has already been surpassed, the next ones (100 observer; 1000 species) would certainly take a lot more effort, but seem nevertheless not out of reach.

Way to go!


Publicado el 31 de julio de 2023 a las 09:01 AM por carnifex carnifex


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