Diario del proyecto UZA - (wild) life at Vienna's most beautiful building

31 de julio de 2023

Back to Life!

The project just became boosted!

Actually, the project never stood true to its name before - as the 'UZA II' part was largely omitted by the restrictive project borders.
Upon request, this has been changed now and an influx of new observations and species is expected in the next time (esp. from the Bee.Ed garden?)

Here, I want to show the direct impact the change in area coverage had right after implementation

before: 980 observations; <600 species

now: 1104 obs; 636 species

So, one milestone (> 1000 observations) has already been surpassed, the next ones (100 observer; 1000 species) would certainly take a lot more effort, but seem nevertheless not out of reach.

Way to go!


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27 de marzo de 2022

Goodbye to UZA 1... 🙁

While the building still exists (not for many years to come, though), the university is permanently closed, as the Biology groups shifted to another building at a different place in Vienna.

Thus, I do not expect many more new observations to be added to the project.
Will be hard to find another building in the city with such a teeming wildlife...

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05 de abril de 2018

Publications about the area (especially species lists)

I know of some people with personal observation lists for certain taxa seen in the area (mainly birds and grasshoppers).

So far I found these publications dealing with taxonomic groups studied on the area:

Unfortunately, it cannot be publicly accessed (published here).

It's about (epigeic) spiders, but also mentions various plant societies:
Milasowszky & Hepner (2017): Die Spinnenfauna (Arachnida, Araneae) verwilderter Ziergrünflächen auf der Dachterrasse des Biozentrums Althanstraße / The spider fauna (Arachnida, Araneae) of overgrown gardening sites on the rooftop of the Biocenter Althanstraße (Vienna, Alsergrund).

Molluscs (Gastropoda):

Another article is apparently not publicly available:
Reischütz P.L. 2017. Über die Beständigkeit des Vorkommens von Cepaea nemoralis (LINNE 1758) (Gastropoda: Heli-cidae) auf dem Gelände der naturwissenschaftlichen Fakultät der Universität Wien. Nachrichtenblatt der Ersten Vorarlberger Malakologischen Gesellschaft 24: 31–34

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