New additions to iNaturalist

I decided I should use a journal to record new species I've added to the system. I've forgotten most but here are some recent ones: a snail Pedinogyra kroombit from Kroombit a Gesnerian from Borneo, mine is the earliest observation, but added later that some., although Reiner had an earlier obs which was unidentified until recently. a moth from Madagascar - Conus rufimaculosus from Burleigh Heads - a beetle Crepidopterus decorsei from Mada, this was the first observation on iNat, now there are 7. a murex Poropteron uncinarius from South Africa a spider Habronestes raveni from Aroona a grasshopper Cedarinia limbatella from Mt Victoria a keyhole-limpet Macroschisma africanum from Durban

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