Bird ids

Main clues for determining hybridicity in Pacific Black Ducks, from the detailed article by cobaltducks

-PBDs have typically grey/green, dusky brown or tan legs. Hybrids can have legs bright orange like the Mallards. Some will have a duller orange.
-PBDs will have an evenly coloured grey/green bill. A hybrid may have an orange, yellow, or green bill often with patches.
-Hybrids may also show lighter feathers and/or feathers with broad buff fringes. A pure PBD will have narrow buff fringes.
-PBD will have a dark stripe from the gape to below the eye. Hybrids may have this stripe entirely missing, a faint or wider stripe, or partial stripe that doesn’t extend the full distance.
-The crown of a PBD is typically quite dark. A streaked or paler crown may suggest a hybrid, however this may also be present on juveniles.

Fuller details here:

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