Observations are done, now upload and ID-ing

We have 14 days to upload until the 14th of November. Please try have it all done before 8 November. Uploading is half of the work, Identifying follows and must also be done by 14 Novemeber.

When uploading, don’t spend too much time trying to identify your observations. Identify to the level you are most comfortable at. Family or genus level, even unknowns are perfectly fine. The experts will take it further and help your observations reach research grade. Please don’t use a buddy system, we aim for quality data.

Remember to keep checking your observations every couple of days as ID-ers will give you suggestions that you need to react to (or not if you don’t know).

Don't forget to vote for the best observations. To vote, simply click the FAVE button (below the map on any observation or in the identify tool see bottom left panel)

Enjoy this is a very exciting part of the GSB.

Publicado el 01 de noviembre de 2022 a las 10:25 AM por c_brunke c_brunke


If identifying Unknowns - remember to copypasta any placeholder text.
Once an ID is added, iNat disappears the placeholder, and any info from the observer ... is gone.

Anotado por dianastuder hace más de un año

Dianne, what do you mean by placeholder text?

Anotado por c_brunke hace más de un año

When we upload obs, iNat has a box (top left) called Placeholder.
People often put the scientific name there (tiny typo and couldn't find it, or using the app and IDing at home later)
I never use it myself.

When IDing it is greyed out top left, and easy to miss.

Anotado por dianastuder hace más de un año

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