SA iNaturalists - August 2020 Update

Spring in SA is where iNat shines. Typically producing the most observations from the most people of the most species. In the lead up, this August saw the 2nd highest number of observations of any month in SA. This is a promising sign that this Spring will see all past records broken, and the Great Southern Bioblitz in a few weeks time is likely to be the key driver. The April City Nature Challenge produced 11,700 observations across SA. How many will the GSB produce? 20,000 is a real possibility.
In SA this August we saw 6,762 observations across 1,444 species from 281 observers, with 99 of those species receiving their first iNaturalist records in SA.
Uploads for SA now stand at 123,015 observations of 6,401 species from 2,198 observers.
Now is the time to go Orchid hunting. Thanks to the influx of observations uploaded through the Wild Orchid Watch app, this August saw a 3 fold increase in the number of Orchid observations over August 2019. Expect the September peak to exceed 1,000 Orchid observations for the month.

Top contributors & species observed in August:

(Data used for this post taken on the 4th of September. It excludes any observations from August that were uploaded after this date)

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