Great Southern Bioblitz - Sept 25th to 28th

The Great Southern Bioblitz (GSB) is a little over a month away. You may have already seen it promoted on social media or already have joined your local iNat project. Below you can find all you need to know to participate in this first Southern Hemisphere wide Spring bioblitz.
So, what is the Great Southern Bioblitz? Start by checking out the About page on the GSB website.
Want to participate? The GSB website has you covered here with a How to Participate page. Start by heading to the iNaturalistAU website or download the iNaturalist app, and create your iNaturalist account. Watch the brief "Adding an Observation on a Mobile Device" or "Adding on Observation via the Web" found on the Video Tutorials page.
Now you are ready to participate. Upload an observation of any wild organism (but not pets or garden plants) during the bioblitz period of 25th to 28th September 2020, from anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, and your observation is automatically part of the bioblitz.
Want to see the bioblitz as it happens? For this you'll need to join (or bookmark) one of the many projects participating in the bioblitz. Check out the list of participating areas below. You can join the project for your local area, or all the projects, or just bookmark the page to watch the observations roll in. Any observations made during the challenge in these regions will be automatically included in these projects even if you do not join any specific projects.
Great Southern Bioblitz Umbrella - This 'Umbrella' project brings together all the projects for participating regions across the Southern Hemisphere. You'll want to join this project to see the individual project totals and watch them compete for the most observations, most species and most participants. Scroll down on the project page and click "View More" to see all of the participating projects across the Southern Hemisphere. Click on each project to go through to the individual project pages.
Great Southern Bioblitz 2020_Greater Adelaide - This project covers the Greater Adelaide region. If you make an observation during the event in this region, it will automatically appear in the project.
Great Southern Bioblitz 2020_City of Onkaparinga - This large populated area has its own separate project for the event.
Great Southern Bioblitz 2020_Lower Murray and Coorong - This project has been set up to track the observation across this vast area.
There are many other participating projects outside South Australia, and outside Australia. Join as many as you wish.
Moth Night - A Great Southern Bioblitz Project - Join this project and collect as many Moth observations as you can on the 26th Sept. Turn on some outdoor lighting, or install a blacklight (UV) globe for the night, put down a white sheet nearby and see just how many species live in your area. This project only collects Moth observations during the bioblitz, and only for those who join the project.
If you're new to iNaturalist and are wondering what it's all about, or a current user looking for inspiration, check out this video of iNaturalist long time contributor Sam Kieschnick (@sambiology) discussing the personal, societal and conservation value of iNaturalist.
If you have any questions about the GSB, please ask in the comments section below.
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