Woohoo! 2000 species and counting!

Some of you may have noticed that Australasian Fishes recently passed a significant milestone.
The project now contains observations of more than 2000 species. Thank you everyone!
The lucky 2000th species is the Bartailed Flathead, Platycephalus australis. This observation was uploaded by Gordon Black (rick-ludd)
When the project went online, we never dreamed that in just under 2 years we'd have amassed observations of 2000 species. Again, thanks all!
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Congratulations. Good resource for biogeographical research, and detection of extensions on published range (including those that are possibly climate-mediated). Useful for habitat research too, and much else. Lots of multivariate statistical analysis possible with the underlying data.

Anotado por marinejanine hace casi 6 años

Great stuff Mark!

Anotado por sascha_schulz hace casi 6 años

well done all

Anotado por fiftygrit hace casi 6 años

Thanks troops. @marinejanine thanks for your comments re analysis. Rob Williams (ex. NSW DPI/Fisheries) will be visiting next week for a chat about potential uses of the data. :)

Anotado por markmcg hace casi 6 años

Fortuitous it should fall during September 'Biodiversity Month'!

Anotado por possumpete hace casi 6 años


Anotado por henrick hace casi 6 años

Congratulations Mark.

Anotado por ken_flan hace casi 6 años

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