Peri Lee Pipkin

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M.S. California Botanic Garden/RSABG, Botany
B.S. Oregon State University, Natural Resources & Botany
A.S. College of the Desert, Desert Ecology

Currently conducting a floristic inventory of the Silver Peak Range, Esmeralda county, NV. I've worked as a field botanist, field biologist, outdoor educator, herbalist, arborist, and horticulturalist in the western US since 2010.

My research interests are in botanical conservation, rare plants, and socio-environmental justice around natural resource usage and land management decisions that compromise biodiveristy. I'm also especially fond of Ivesias, Orobanchaceae, and Monotropoideae, as well as dunes, deserts, and the alpine. I'm from Taiwan, but the Western US has been home for over a decade.

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