Scott D. White

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Mostly retired from long career as a biological consultant; primary expertise is botany in southern California. Coauthor of the
Western Riverside County Checklist (with Fred Roberts, David Bramlet, Steve Boyd, and Andy Sanders). Currently working on revising the checklist and preparing a new Flora of the San Jacinto and Santa Rosa Mountains.

I'm not much of a photographer so I don't expect to post much here on iNaturalist but I'll be using observations here to help figure out species distributions.

Take my identifications with a grain of salt and please don't just agree with them unless you've thought about it and come to your own conclusion. I take the "suggest an ID" box literally and some of my suggestions will certainly be wrong. It bothers me that observations are called "research grade" when only 2 people suggest the same thing. Not sure what kind of research it could be used for.

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