Michael Kielb

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I am now retired faculty in the Biology Department at Eastern Michigan University in Michigan taught Human Anatomy&Physiology and Neuroanatomy, I also taught Ornithology and Entomology and studied Epidemics and Pandemics. I have a keen interest in natural history and spend a lot of time in Michigan's Upper Peninsula and boreal forests and bogs.

For years my wife Susan and I have traveled, often in search of interesting natural history sites where we enjoy making new finds (for us). These can be in any taxon because we are just as pleased with seeing a new fern, insect, bird or lichen. Although we also enjoy the chance to find rare and unusual species, which we do on occasion.

Although I seriously miss my students and teaching, I have adapted to having the freedom of being able to search out other interesting pursuits. But I am still always behind in entering sightings, even after the terrible events of 2020, which feeds into my scientific study of epidemics and pandemics. So, I am never at a loss of things to observe and study.

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