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I have an intense interest in observing living things, that is, actually slowing down and watching beyond basic identification. My work has included bird surveys in the Big Bog region of Minnesota, looking at effects of powerline corridors on songbird species' distribution in forested areas of West Virginia, investigating song and lifetime reproductive success of individually marked Indigo Buntings in Michigan, songbird surveys in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, and an investigation of song and nesting of individually marked Palm Warblers in the Eastern U.P. of Michigan. Before, during, and after those things I fit in a career teaching 7th grade life science and mathematics. Now retired, my husband and I wander in Michigan and beyond looking at plants, insects, birds, and whatever grabs our attention. We get great pleasure watching, photographing, and revisiting our favorite spots year after year.

During the pandemic I started seriously pursuing moths, I've been obsessed with learning about them ever since.

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