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If you have opted out of community taxon, please do not @ me. I opt out of adding IDs to observations for people who opt out of the community taxon.

Why? I think it is inappropriate and an abuse of iNaturalist for people to opt out of the community taxon. It goes completely against the whole philosophy of both science and iNaturalist. It leads to people wasting their time sorting through observations that have no chance of being corrected or narrowed down (unless the arrogant original uploader chooses to change the ID) and it's a direct slap in the face to the identifier community and all of the work and effort that people put into this. Opting out of the community taxon is absolutely NOT conducive to a well-functioning and efficient iNaturalist system. I believe we shouldn't let people continue to unfairly manipulate the system by opting out of the community taxon and refusing to update their IDs.

If you notice I've added any IDs to users that have opted out (whether that's you or someone else), please let me know so that I can correct that.

Fungi = plural. Fungus = singular.

You did NOT find "a cool fungi". You found "a cool fungus"!!!

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