Liam Hopkins

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Oregon State University Fish, Wildlife, & Conservation Biology Major
Jefferson County, CO Native
Traveler of the Western United States

Colorado-raised, Oregon-exploring naturalist, with specific expertise and interest in decapod crustaceans and herpetofauna.

Focus on west coast decapod crustaceans, herpetofauna, shorebirds, waterfowl, birds of prey, nudibranchs, echinoderms, and mammals. Also dabbling in mushrooms, woodpeckers, fish, and other gastropods.

Avid field herper, tidepooler, birder, and anything outdoors!

I use iNaturalist to track every animal I encounter (as well as some plants and fungi), and post everything I get a photo of here. I love this website, and am truly an iNat addict!

Worked/Associated With
-City of Lakewood Parks
-Colorado Natural Heritage Program
-Colorado Parks and Wildlife
-Colorado Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation
-Oregon Fish and Wildlife
-Oregon State University

Experience in the captive husbandry of freshwater crustaceans, in particular- Parathelphusa, Syntripsa, Geosesarma, Aegla, and Lepidothelphusa, as well as Sulawesi Caridae

Reach out and let’s chat! See you out in the field!

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