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20 de agosto de 2021

old photos

I've been zooming backwards through the old geotagged photos (and one set that wasn't, so far) anticipating getting to something. I was excited about the Brown's peony I found in Nevada before. Now I've got them up, I'm looking forward to some chocolate lilies that were up on Figueroa Mountain.

I've attached a couple others I was quite taken with at the time, too. I knew I must photograph the heartleaf twistflower when I saw it, although it was quite a challenge. I found the woolen breeches extraordinarily cute with their flowers sheltered so far under the leaves. It was a startlingly cold day with a colder wind blowing (and plenty of snow coming, it turned out-in the middle of May) so such an odd thing just made sense. Red tailed hawk just managed to hit the sun just right.

Oh, and attached a couple California peonies for comparison to the Brown's.

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