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18 de junio de 2020

getting a start

[Mostly written Apr 26] Friday I headed out hiking with at least a little thought to documenting the foliage around me for this. I hadn't actually signed up yet, but that isn't necessary to do before taking photos.. I hiked the South Fork Trail on the Trinity River, which is a new area for me. Almost had it entirely to myself Of course, most that got documented was flowers. It is spring; my nose told me so. There were some amazing flowers. I also got some new growth of tanoak and madrone and even a gall on a gooseberry. Now I get to see what all these plants are. There's one that looks like some sort of geranium that I'm particularly interested in and I really loved the tiny, furry Mariposa lilies. Who doesn't love Mariposa lilies, especially the furry ones?

My blog post for the hike can be found here: Moments in Dirt and Ink.

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