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07 de noviembre de 2015

DCiNatHH 5pm Fri 12/4

Inspired by @alexshepard and the the Bay Area iNat'rs, I am putting the call out for all DC-area naturalists for a downtown DC happy hour on Friday 12/4, starting at 5pm. @carrieseltzer has been kind enough to identify a suitable venue -- the Science Club at 1136 19th St NW, Washington, DC 20036. There are rumors that @loarie will be in town.

cc'ing everybody else on the beltway leaderboard with 20+ observations @treegrow @ecologyelise @botanygirl @calopteryx @amandaandmike @briangratwicke @dpom @treichard @adventure_us @csavy @jbrown @dctr @lagirlstroemia @javierahr @maryeford @ehurme @timbir5 @katl @mklein @layymkayy @lonnyholmes @jdeichmann @starfocus @guyfoulks @jimsteamer @rprather @ggnoma @yrhe @hsynn & @jhammock Please tag/share with others that you think might be interested hanging out with naturalists.

This is my first journal post so I don't know what I'm doing, but am attaching a northern hawk owl observation from Alaska because it is the favorite thing I have seen in the past month.

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