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17 de abril de 2023

Field Journal 6

On April 8 at around 8:30 am I started my bird walk in my front yard and then walked to the marina near my house in Chittenango NY. It is was about 53°F and the habitat was marsh-like and suburban. A Northern Cardinal came to sit on my front porch railing after I had been sitting and waiting a bit Then as I walked down towards the marina there was a Great Blue Heron along the edge of the water. I could hear other birds singing but was unable to identify any of them. Both of these birds were just sitting and flew off after a while.

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24 de abril de 2023

field Journal 7

On Saturday April 22 at around 11 am I started my excursion at Red Barn Garden in Williston. It was about 65° and the habitat was suburban and field like. I saw an American Robin hoping around on the ground. But he was not saying much just hoping for quite a while moving from location to location. I was able to hear a Black-capped Chickadee singing from the trees. The Chickadee was also singing for quite a while and I couldn't distinguish if there were multiple or just one so I assume it was just one.
The American Robin behavior of hoping around the ground could be related to nest or maybe territory selection. He could have been searching for materials to build a nest or scoping out the area to see if this is where he wants to set up. The Black-capped Chickadee could have been displaying signs of mate selection and singing its song repeatedly to try and attract a mate. It also could have been defending or claiming its territory to other birds.
If it was defending its territory I would say it would be a strongly fit Chickadee as this location probably has a lot of food access and might be rich in resources. If the Robin was finding materials for its nest this would also be a good location for that as there are many leaves and sticks and different resources readily available for him to pick through,

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