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20 de febrero de 2023

Field Assignment 2

On February 19 at around 8 am I did my field observations in my backyard in Chittenango NY. The temperature was around 35° and cloudy. The species I observed were about 4 Mourning Doves and 1 Red-winged Blackbird. There were some other birds farther away that I couldn't distinguish but these two species were the ones that dominated my field observation.

The Mourning Doves were sitting in my backyard before I even started my observations, but as soon as I walked outside they flew away. Their flight was very sudden and their wings seemed to be moving very powerfully. They didn't fly very far just to some trees nearby. A little later the Red-winged Blackbird flew in, it was glossy black with the bright red so I was able to identify it as a male. The flight pattern of the Red-winged Blackbird seemed to be much quicker and their wings seemed to also be quicker than the Mourning Dove.

The shape and size of the wings of both species seemed to be elliptical wings. The had fast, powerful flaps and moved at high speeds. I saw both these species come to and from where I was in my backyard to trees farther away multiple times. When either of them were flying, there looked to be a lot of flapping and the patterns were short bursts of speed. A difference between the two that I saw was that the Mourning Dove seemed to have bigger stronger wings, while the Red-winged Blackbirds looked like they could've been more fragile. This however was a very small difference as they were about the same size. Flight pattern can be important to help identify species as they tell a lot about the behavior and area that they are present in.

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