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06 de marzo de 2013

Pillar Point Fieldtrip on Thursday

If you can come meet at the West Circle by the Eucalyptus tree at 11am. Leave a comment here if you plan on coming so we know who to look for and indicate if you are a driver.

I'll meet you guys at Pillar Point since I'm coming from SF unless we need more drivers. We'll plan to meet in the parking lot (map below) at noon, but if you get delayed and want to head to the tidepools follow the path from the parkinglot which curves around the base of the cliff to the right to the big rocky tidepool area. Call me 415-278-1220 if you get lost.

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Here are the other Cal Academy Pillar Point days March 30, 31, & April 1, May 10, May 25-29, June 9-11, June 23 & June 24

Here's a link to Pillar Point tidetables

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13 de marzo de 2013

Homework #5 posted!

Homework #5 (Due Thursday) is posted here

Also - here's a pic from the Pillar point fieldtrip - thanks to all who came!

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Homework #6 posted (Due March 21st)

Homework #6 is posted here - its not due till March 21st but you may need the weekend to find these plants. Also Lectures are posted through today for those of you who have missed class. I hope you enjoy Will Luddington's lecture Thursday and I'll see you all next Tuesday!

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23 de marzo de 2013

Jasper Ridge Fieldtrip - 10am Sunday

Hi guys -
Can you make it to Jasper Ridge on Sunday at 10am? If so let me know by leaving a comment. Lets meet at the Eucalyptus circle at 9am if you need a ride. If you can drive also let me know - if enough people can drive I'll meet you at the Preserve gate at 10, if not I'll be at the Eucalyptus circle to help drive at 9. Thanks!

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29 de marzo de 2013

Spring Break

To celebrate Spring Break at Berkeley I went on a short hike at McLaren park and followed by a longer one at Edgewood Preserve. I saw 103 taxa including 10 species I haven't reported before. An interesting one was the pygmyweed (Crassula connata) that I found in the serpentine at Edgewood - this plant is on tons of plant lists but I've never seen it, I now see why - its incredibly tiny. I had to get down on my belly just to see it. But now that I can identify it I'm sure I'll see it everywhere. It grows on bear ground and looks almost like the moss and lichens its found with.

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Homework #7 & Spring extra credit

I hope everyone is having a great Spring Break! I've posted Homework #7 and the
Spring Break Extra Credit. Homework #7 is a brief proposal for your final project. Spring Extra Credit essentially involves getting outside and seeing some nature! We had a great FieldTrip to Jasper Ridge, thanks to those who came!

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