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02 de agosto de 2022

Notes for those who edit taxon photos (copy-paste free)

Anyone on Inat can edit taxon photos, but despite that, many taxon pages are using only one blurry photo or mis-identified photos as icons.

・First of all, please only edit taxon photos when you can identify (all the members of) the taxon. This will prevent wrongly identified photos to be used. If you were not very sure but have found a wrong photo, you can mention or message identifiers of the taxon.

・Taxon photos can be edited from the "Curation" button on the right bottom of a taxon page, even if you are not a curator.

・For taxonomic levels higher than species, 8 photos can be shown on the page at the same time, but still , only the first photo will be used as an icon.

・For species or lower taxonomic level, one photo will be shown as the main/icon and four other photos will be shown but smaller. Usually only one photo does not tell enough about a species but still many taxons have only one.

How to choose photos to use
・Make sure to include
(1) as many angles of as many variations as possible.
(2) at least one photo with an indication of size (e.g. scale bar, ruler, hand, foot etc).
(3) as many life stages as possible. For example, most insect taxa pages are missing photos of juvenile, pupa and egg stages
(4) one or two shots showing the habitat of the species can be often very helpful
(5) if people keeps on wrongly identifying the species from out of its distribution, add a picture of its distribution (be sure that it is copyright free), but this is not always recommended.

・Do not include photos of different species in icons for comparison purpose unless you make it obvious that it is a different species, because this will only confuse others.

・When you know a specific observation which you think is worth changing the icon to it, you can search the observation number to find those photos. For example, the italic part of the link is its observation number.
However please never change the icon just because you want your photos to be representing the taxa, unless it represents the taxa more than any other photos existing.

Anyone who purposely play with icons can be reported by flag and they can be banned after discussed with curators.

For your information, I mainly edit taxa photos of worldwide molluscs, taxa from New Zealand and Japan.

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03 de agosto de 2022

Opinions needed

I have an idea to make a new big umbrella project "Introduced species in New Zealand" which contains many smaller projects for each taxa just like this one, because as far as I can recall there is no active platform for introduced species on iNatNZ.
Although there is a project made by @tripleaxel, I think it has been quite inactive. (

Actually introduced species can be filtered from Explore or Identify pages, however it is just a search and it does not provide a place to discuss about them (discussions can be about various things- how to trap a rat, reports on introduced species in an area or how to reliably identify small introduced landsnais etc).
Filtering is a bit tricky for iNat newcomers and is impossible for app users, therefore I thought I could make a project to make it easier for people to discuss about introduced species in NZ, also aiming to support the Predator Free 2050 goal .

Any opinions (comments) are welcome- if there are any problems about this I am happy to delete the project, because it is totally experimental for now.

I randomly tagged 20 of you I saw on iNat recently. Please note that there is no meaning or reason for the order or why there are some people not being tagged, but I just wanted this to get some attension from people.
Please feel free to ignore this but I would really appreciate your opinions.









Thank you for having a look!

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06 de agosto de 2022




私の住んでいるニュージーランドではほぼすべてのメジャーな分類群(軟体,地衣,コケ,クモ,直翅,魚,緑/赤/褐藻, キノコ, 環形, ランなどなど)にそれぞれ専門家または猛烈に詳しい方々がいらっしゃり、写真のピントが合ってさえいれば投稿後数日でほぼすべてが同定されるという理想的な状態になっていて、生き物屋がさらに多い日本ではどうなるかと想像するだけでも楽しいです。


前 朝琉 (Glycymeris)

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16 de agosto de 2022

Californian Molluscs Identification project

Hi all. I have recently finished going through and correcting IDs of most of worldwide Cypraeoidea, Triviidae, and Janthina spp., most of New Zealand marine molluscs, some of NZ terrestrial/freshwater molluscs, majority of South Korean marine molluscs and some of Australian marine molluscs.

Now I have started working on American marine molluscs, especially those from California because there are quite many good observations needing corrections or confirmations.

I have tagged top identifiers of Californian Molluscs excluding nudibranchs.Please leave a comment below if you are able to help, so you will be subscribing to this journal (you will be notified when changes are made) which I will keep adding links of observations by commenting which need more IDs.

Because it needs two or more identifiers to agree with corrected ID most of time, I cannot do it alone and your help is quite crucial. You don't need to be an expert of Californian molluscs when adding IDs as long as you think the ID is more accurate (does not mean to be more precise) than the previous one.

I will be adding comments below frequently with links of observations needing IDs. Please add identifications to these observations.
Although I am not very experienced with Californian molluscs, I know about them relatively well from iNat, and I am happy to correct anything if I was wrong.

Also please use this journal or your own journal for any discussion about IDs, so everyone can see what is happening. In general iNat can work very very well when multiple identifiers are working together.

Thank you!

Saryu Mae

@anudibranchmom @thomaseverest @jannvendetti @pliffgrieff @susanhewitt @oceanicadventures @mcduck @jeffgoddard @hsini_lin @hfb @tlawson @kueda @extraneus @kestrel @skatingflamingo @sultana
@predomalpha @mattparr @pileated @jpsilva @phelsumas4life @chloe_and_trevor @gparosenberg (feel free to mention any other marine mollusc identifiers!)

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29 de agosto de 2022






また、通知が多く届く方は、アカウント設定から同意ID (Confirming ID)が付いたことを通知しない設定をとてもお勧めします。この設定は同意をクリックしたのみのIDを通知しなくしてくれます。



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