SA iNaturalists - August 2021 Update

This August in SA saw 8,989 observations covering 1,613 species from a total of 376 observers. There were 76 species receiving their first iNat record in SA. This month there were 68 new observers contributing their first observations in SA. Upon this months observations, 418 identifiers contributed a total of 15,472 identifications.
Uploads for SA at the end of August stand at 232,024 observations of 7,990 species from 3,529 observers with, as of today, 4,093 identifiers providing 424,625 identifications.
Help to make Adelaide the world's second 'National Park City' by signing the charter to show your support. For more info see the video Adelaide’s Green Movement: Actions Creating a National Park City.
Do you have a particular expertise and are keen to help out with identifications in SA? Select your favourite taxa below to head to the Identify page:
Aves / Amphibia / Reptilia / Mammalia / Ray-Finned Fishes / Mollusca / Arachnida / Insecta / Plantae / Fungi / Protozoa / Unknowns
Top observers & species observed in August:

Top Identifiers of Observations in SA during August '21 (Excluding IDs on own observations)

Identifier Improving IDs Identifier Supporting IDs
cobaltducks 157 cobaltducks 2,088
alan_dandie 140 ben_travaglini 945
ellurasanctuary 124 alan_dandie 862
reiner 107 george_seagull 685
ben_travaglini 78 predomalpha 468

(Data used for this post taken on the 10th of September. It excludes any observations and identifications from August that were uploaded after this date)

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