Wildlife Treasure Hunt - Belair - Sunday 26th

Become a citizen scientist and discover the treasure trove of wildlife that exists within Belair National Park!
Ferox australis presents ’Wildlife Treasure Hunt’ – an interactive event positioned to engage the public in the environment using citizen science.

This event will take place in the highly biodiverse Belair National Park on Sunday 26th September, 9am to 12pm.

For the event, each participant or group will be given a list of species they need to find. Each species will be allocated a number of points. Species that are harder to find will be worth more points, whilst species that are easier to find will be worth less. It is then the goal of participants to discover as many species as possible (both plants and animals) within the allocated time frame, strictly using the iNaturalist app on their mobile device.

At the end of the allocated time period, results will then be tallied (and verified using the iNaturalist app), and the top two participants with the most points will win one of two prizes.

• 1st prize will win either a family pass or a 1-year membership from Zoos SA.

• 2nd prize will win a copy of the ‘Wildlife of Greater Adelaide’ book.

This is a great opportunity to get your friends or family involved in citizen science, or to discover the different wildlife that exists within our parklands.

Bookings for the event can be made through the Nature Festival page HERE.

For those who are participating, don't forget to join the event project page HERE.

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