SA iNaturalists - June 2021 Update

June, typically one of the quieter months in SA, saw 5,473 observations covering 1,255 species from a total of 332 observers. There were 79 species receiving their first iNat record in SA. This month there were 70 new observers contributing their first observations in SA. Upon this months observations, 365 identifiers contributed a total of 9,120 identifications.
Uploads for SA at the end of June stand at 214,777 observations of 7,805 species from 3,366 observers with, as of today, 3,890 identifiers providing 391,597 identifications.
Help to make Adelaide the world's second 'National Park City' by signing the charter to show your support.
The Southern Right Whale mother and female calf spotted at Christies Beach last week have been slowly moving down the coast. After being sighted around Sellicks Beach over the last few days, today they've been spotted near Haycock Point at Carrickalinga. So far, seven observations of the pair have been uploaded to iNat. Check out the sightings log from the SA Whale Centre over the weekend if you're interested in locating the pair.
Do you have a particular expertise and are keen to help out with identifications in SA? Select your favourite taxa below to head to the Identify page:
Aves / Amphibia / Reptilia / Mammalia / Ray-Finned Fishes / Mollusca / Arachnida / Insecta / Plantae, / Fungi / Protozoa / Unknowns
Top observers & species observed in June:

Top Identifiers of Observations in SA during June '21 (Excluding IDs on own observations)

Identifier Improving IDs Identifier Supporting IDs
ellurasanctuary 244 george_seagull 540
alan_dandie 104 alan_dandie 485
cobaltducks 59 cobaltducks 469
reiner 49 insiderelic 398
george_seagull 40 ellurasanctuary 360

(Data used for this post taken on the 9th of July. It excludes any observations and identifications from June that were uploaded after this date)

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Great work Geoff, 79 species receiving their first iNat record in SA! that's quite a lot don't you think?

Anotado por saltmarshsteve hace casi 3 años

@stephen169 I'm always amazed that the species numbers continue to rise. The June tally is even a little low, with this years average around 100 additional species added each month. Of course it is getting a little harder, with each additional species added for every 79 observations. Whereas in 2018 every 24th observation represented an additional species.
The more observers we have in SA, the more likely the species tally will continue to rise at a steady rate, thereby offsetting the increasing difficulty of finding species not previously recorded in SA on iNat. We're only at 7,800 species, whereas NSW is up to 17.200, Vic at 13,700 and Qld at 19.400. We still have lots to find in all categories of life.

Anotado por cobaltducks hace casi 3 años

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