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24 de enero de 2023


For the beginner:
A field guide to Insects of South Africa - Struik Nature

For the enthusiast:
Manual of Afrotropical Diptera Eds: AH Kirk-Spriggs & BJ Sinclair 2017 - Suricata (SANBI)

Vol 1 Introductory chapter and keys to Diptera Families
( get your electronic copy of Vol 1 here)

Vol 2 Nematocera & Lower Brachycera
(get your electronic copy of Vol 2 here)

Vol 3 Brachycera-Cyclorrhapha, excluding Calyptratae - Higher Diptera
(get your electronic copy of Vol 3 here)

Freshwater Invertebrates of Southern Africa. Volume 9: Diptera. Editors: JA Day, AD Harrison & IJ de Moor. Water Research Commission.
(get your electronic copy of Freshwater Flies here)

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Most common Fly Families in southern Africa

Observations Family (Genera on iNat) on iNaturalist as of January 2023

3,937 Syrphidae (Hover Flies) 22
2,959 Asilidae (Robber Flies) 58
2,367 Bombyliidae (Bee Flies) 40

1,997 Calliphoridae (Blow Flies) 8
1,686 Muscidae (House Flies) 19
1,305 Tachinidae (Bristle Flies) 27
1,125 Tabanidae (Horse Flies) 15
1,064 Sarcophagidae (Flesh Flies) 1
1,033 Cecidomyiidae (Gall Midges) 14

948 Rhiniidae (Nose Flies) 10
916 Culicidae (Mosquitoes) 9
806 Chironomidae (Non-biting Midges) 5
785 Tephritidae (Fruit Flies) 36
776 Tipulidae (Large Crane Flies) 7
680 Stratiomyidae (Soldier Flies) 23

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Related Projects and links.

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25 de enero de 2023


The Diversity of Pollinating Diptera in South African (SA) biodiversity hotspots (DIPoDIP) project will study the biodiversity of selected true fly families (Bombyliidae, Nemestrinidae, Syrphidae, Tabanidae) in several Biodiversity Hotspots of SA.
The project will improve the taxonomy and resolve phylogenetic relationships of these families and provide basic data on their distribution, pollination ecology in order to study plant-pollinator co-evolution. This will be achieved through training of PhD, MSc and BSc students and joint fieldwork and research. The research will deliver data for Red List assessments and improved conservation strategies for these Biodiversity Hotspots and a workshop with local partners, conservationists,
Red List assessors and stakeholders will be organized to translate the results for policy making . Results will be presented to the larger public to raise awareness of the importance of these fly families in pollination, food security and nature conservation.

For more please see:

See some events on iNaturalist.
Focal Flies: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=113055&taxon_ids=51558,120090,49995,47821&view=species
Grassland National Park Survey- Diptera: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?d1=2022-01-01&d2=2022-02-28&place_id=any&project_id=grassveld-national-park&taxon_id=47822&verifiable=any

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