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13 de abril de 2013

Homework #8 & Pseudo-FieldTrip (San Gregorio Beach)

Homework #8 is posted here.

Also tomorrow (Saturday) morning the San Mateo Audobon Chapter is leading an iNat fieldtrip to San Gregorio State Beach about 1 hr south of San Francisco Sat, April 13, 8:00am – 1:00pm

They are meeting at 8:00am at San Gregorio State Beach. I don't think I can go, but you guys are welcome to go if you're interested and Ken-ichi Ueda (who you guys met the first day of class) is driving from Berkeley Saturday morning and can give you a ride to the fieldtrip and back to Glen Park BART (you'll have to BART back to Berkeley) if you need a ride. You can email him at kueda at or leave a comment on this post.

Have a great weekend!

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25 de abril de 2013

Final project schedule and Extra Credit Homework #9

Homework #9 is posted here - its Extra Credit and due next Tuesday. Here are the Final Project presentation times we decided in class. If you don't have a time to present - leave a comment on this post!

Tuesday, Apr 30
11:00 Miriam
11:15 Karen/Erin
11:30 Christian
11:45 Kelsey

Thursday, May 2
11:00 Zane
11:15 Eric
11:30 George
11:45 Jorelle/Silvia
12:00 Beatriz/Arielle
12:15 Liying
12:00 Yixin

(Shun-zhi is taking an incomplete due to injury...)
Joao & Natalie missed their presentation slots - Please get in contact with me if you guys want to make up your presentations before class ends!

Tuesday, May 7
10:00 Lesley
10:15 Liz
10:30 Bernice
10:45 Aase
11:00 Nica
11:15 Maegan/Kate
11:30 Elliot/Maia
11:45 Nick
12:00 Annie/Sarah
12:15 Tabitha
12:30 Claire
12:45 Adam/Kendall
1:00 Peace/Asia/Brittany
1:15 Ariel C
1:30 Rochelle
1:45 Thomas

One more thing - before class wraps up, I just wanted to remind everyone of the rules to get credit for observations in class assignments (except for a few exceptions like the Botany homework where I said planted observations were OK). Your observations must:
1) be wild/naturalized
2) be identified to some taxon (can be coarse, Kingdom etc.)
3) have photo(s)
4) be georeferenced and be accurate to at least 1km
5) have a date
6) be in the Geo171 project - to quickly add these go to your observations and click 'Batch Edit', Select All, Add to Project
If your observations don't meet these criteria - its not too late to fix them!

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