Blue Angelfish out of range

Martin Crossley has done it again!
Here's another fish observed well south of its recognised range.
The Blue Angelfish, Pomacanthus semicirculatus, is 'officially' recorded south to the Houtman Abrolhos Islands in Western Australia (28°30'S). Martin's observation at Rottnest Island is roughly 400 km south of this (32°02'S).
Thank you Martin for bringing the observation to my attention.
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Is it just this particular angelfish or the semicircle angelfish also hadn't been recorded that far south? Just spotted it yesterday at 3:25 of this guy's video: . Not sure if he's on iNat...

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Just realised it's the same species, apologies for a double comment, have ID'd it using Google Lens, go too excited, this guy posted a video one year ago already! I've commented it encouraging him to record it on iNat.

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Thanks for your comments @buggersofoz. I see the Blue Angelfish at 3:25 in the video. Good to see that the observation made by @jmartincrossley is supported by another observation from Rottnesst Island. Thank you for suggesting that DangoesOz joins iNaturalist. It would be great to have him on board. I realised that I didn't give the scientific name of the Blue Angelfish in the post. I've added it now. Thanks again.

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Well done @jmartincrossley. An excellent observation.

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Thanks guys, lets hope for some great viz and more opportunities to demonstrate the good of citizen science. Wishing you and your's all the best for 2023

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Well done Martin. What a beautiful fish. Glad you saw it. Ken

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Great sighting Martin. Redmap received reports of earlier life stages in 2016 and 17, perhaps same recruitment event if not same individual? Cheers, Barrett

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And another observation at Rottnest -

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