200,000 observations - Woohoo!

The Australasian Fishes Project has cracked a huge milestone. Our project has passed 200,000 observations.
It happened so fast, I missed it, as evidenced by the image above which shows the number of observations to be 200,003.
I give you all a hearty virtual pat on the back. Thank you so much for your contribution which has built not only an impressive database but also a great online community.
The graph below shows the growth in number of observations over time. As you can see the project is going from strength to strength.
Keep up the great work team! :)
Publicado el 07 de diciembre de 2022 a las 05:28 AM por markmcg markmcg


Woohoo! Impressive result!

Anotado por biniek-io hace más de un año

You are a big part of it @biniek-io :)

Anotado por markmcg hace más de un año

So great to know Norfolk Island is included in these figures. Now we just need to get the Atlas of Living Australia and iNaturalist to work together so Norfolk Island is included in the ALA as well! Congratulations to everyone involved.

Anotado por susanprior hace más de un año

Thanks for your comment @susanprior. @snomelf, you may wish to address Susan's comment about ALA. :)

Anotado por markmcg hace más de un año

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