Monster Shrimpgoby - a new Australian record

On 29 October 2022 Alex Hoschke was diving under the Navy Pier at Exmouth, WA, when she observed a shrimpgoby she didn't recognize.
Alex stated, "I love stalking shrimpgobies and trying to get close enough to get a good photo, and although we know of at least five other species of shrimpgobies under the Navy Pier, this one looked different and was really shy. The first time I saw it I couldn't get anywhere near close enough, but I came back a bit later on during the dive and it eventually got used to me and I got a photo. I later struggled to identify the species from Australian records. I was pretty excited when Roberto Pillon (@rpillon) identified it on inat and it was a first record for Australia. Cool name too - although it wasn't very big!"
World goby expert Dr Doug Hoese was consulted to make doubly sure of the identification. He replied, "That is what everyone is calling oni from the tropical Pacific. It is a little different in coloration from Japanese material, although there is a lot of variation with size and substrate, so the Australian material may or may not be a different species, but for now calling it Tomiyamichthys oni seems to be the best call."
Thank you Alex for uploading your observation and for your ongoing support of the Australasian Fishes Project.
Now is probably a good time to let readers know that Alex is co-author of the Perth Coast and Rottnest Island Fish Books (buy them here). She is currently working with Dr Glen Whisson (@glen_whisson) on a Ningaloo Coast / Exmouth Gulf Fish ID book.
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Great story, it only proves you can always find something unique, with a little preparation and skill. Thanks.

Anotado por harryrosenthal hace más de un año

Wow! A very cool fish! Congrats Alex!

Anotado por salmonadder hace más de un año

Spectacular! :)

Anotado por sambiology hace más de un año

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