Exciting news! Fish on the list.

The Red Wide-bodied Pipefish, Stigmatopora harastii, has been named by LifeWatch in the 2020 ten remarkable new marine species list. The list includes 9 invertebrates and a single fish species -the Red Wide-bodied Pipefish.
The species is named after Australasian Fishes member, Dr David Harasti, who is a Senior Marine Scientist at Fisheries NSW. Dave’s namesake is very difficult to find in Sydney's coastal waters, due to its incredible camouflage in red algae and sponges. Read more on the Australian Museum website.
Congratulations to Australian Museum Research Associate Graham Short and AM staff member Andrew Trevor-Jones , who named the species. Both Graham (@humuhumufish) and Andrew (@andrewtrevor-jones) are members of the Australasian Fishes Project.
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Anotado por biniek-io hace mas de 3 años
Anotado por rfoster hace mas de 3 años

What a cool wee fish! Congratulations!

Anotado por lisa_bennett hace mas de 3 años

It’s beautiful. Congratulations. Great photos. Ken

Anotado por ken_flan hace mas de 3 años

Thanks @rfoster. There is a lot of red in those photos. :)

Anotado por markmcg hace mas de 3 años

Good on you @andrewtrevor-jones. You have been busy!! :)

Anotado por markmcg hace mas de 3 años

What a great story! There is still so much more to find. Well done.

Anotado por harryrosenthal hace mas de 3 años

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