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For those of you who missed it, I'll direct your attention to Emiko Kawamoto’s recent iNaturalist Observation of the Week. A member of the Australasian Fishes Project since December 2019, Emiko took some terrific photos of a mouthbrooding male Eastern Gobbleguts, Vincentia novaehollandiae. In the story Emiko talked about her diving ‘style’ and how it helps her to observe the small things.
In another of her observations, Emiko uploaded six wonderful photos of a pair of Eastern Gobbleguts spawning. She asked why half the egg mass was white and half orange. I didn’t know the answer to this question, so put it to my colleagues at the Australian Museum. Dr Doug Hoese sent me a paper (Vagelli, 2019) that had the answer for a different species of cardinalfish. Quoting from the paper, Vagelli stated, "The egg clutch of Quinca mirifica consisted of two distinct, but jointed sections, i.e., a smaller part composed of a compact white mass of small non-functional oocytes and a larger part composed of the bright orange mature ova".
Congratulations Emiko for scoring iNaturalist’s Observation of the Week, for asking your question (many of us have learned from it) and for your ongoing contribution to the Australasian Fishes Project. 😊
Vagelli, 2019. The Reproductive Biology and Embryology of Quinca mirifica, an Apogonid with Direct Development That Produces Non-Functional Oocytes. Copeia 107, 1:36-60.
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Cool - thanks for the post!

Anotado por dougalt hace mas de 3 años

Awesome and thanks to Doug too.

Anotado por amandahay hace mas de 3 años

Thank you for finding interesting information for me. My dive friends who like Apogonid were also very happy to know that. Thanks to Dr Hoese too.

Anotado por emikok hace mas de 3 años

Really a wonderful set of images. Well done, and it shows others that time in the water pays off.

Anotado por harryrosenthal hace mas de 3 años

enjoyed the post

Anotado por fiftygrit hace mas de 3 años

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