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15 de abril de 2014

Ask a Lichenologist video, April 2014

Yup, it's a been a long, long time, but we're getting the band back together Tuesday at 7:00pm PDT. As is our wont, we shall try to ID some contributions to this project. Live. On the Internet. If you want to tune in live, check this spot or our Google Plus page:

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16 de abril de 2014

Ask a Lichenologist, April 2013

Yet another hour of lichenological fun, despite some initial technical difficulties. Here are all the observations we discussed:

We also talked about how to prep a spore slide, taxonomic issues surrounding Usnea / Dolichousnea longissima, and the fact that CALS has been working with the California Native Plant Society to include lichens in their rare plant inventory. Go CALS!

Anyway, keep the observations coming! Hopefully we'll be able to schedule another get-together sooner than 6 months from now!

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