Status of Asian Malaria Mosquito Anopheles stephensi in Africa

The urban malaria mosquito Anopheles stephensi is recently invading Africa. Left unchecked could put an additional 126 million people at risk of malaria!

We're trying to observe and identify as many mosquitoes as possible throughout Africa, and especially in urban areas.

Can you please help?
• Join our iNaturalist project: > click "JOIN" at the top right
• Upload observations of any mosquitoes, especially those near human or livestock dwellings. Try and get as close and as detailed photographs as you can using your smartphone and the iNaturalist app. Squashed mossies are perfect!
• Identify species of mosquito that you know in the observations (for example, An. stephensi vs. An. gambiae:
• Recruit others to join iNaturalist and our project, and to observe and identify mosquitoes. Please share on social media as well (QR code:

Let us sort out these little Critters.

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