Ipomoea ID support from global expert, Alexis, based in Mexico

To be able to identify the Ipomoea members, there is a "trick", the important character is the sepals , the sepals are like fingerprints, and they are never repeated in any species of the genus in question.

On the other hand, many people believe that by observing the leaves or the color of the corollas, the species can be identified, but it is a mistake, there is no doubt that they help, but little, sometimes they complement, but being very variable they are not completely reliable.

Ipomoea triloba the sepals are scarious-margined, ciliate on midrib and margins, subequal, 5–6 (–10) mm long, oblong-mucronate or oblong-caudate. Small corola 1.5–2 (–2.5) cm long, campanulate, glabrous, pink; limb 1.3–1.6 cm diam

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