May 18 Random Thoughts

Numbers have jumped over the last few days. We are now at 39 species for the year, 38 in May (just missing the Red Saddlebags). The May average for the last 5 years is just over 80 species, so think warm and sunny. We still have 2 weeks of May.

2022 was a record year for Painted Skimmers - 291 observations - double the previous high count. 165 in May 2022 alone. So far in 2023? a total of 4!

But, we are having a record year for Springtime Darner. We're not doubling up the previous total yet, but the current 24 is already past the previous high count, and we are just now in the height of Springtime Darner flight.

Eastern Pondhawk had it's initial 2023 observation on 5/14 - with 1. I had my first yesterday (5/17) at Deer Creek Wildlife Area - and probably saw over a hundred. This is our most frequently reported Ode, numbers will climb quickly. Things happen.

It's been good to have some Variegated Meadowhawk observations - 13 so far in 2023. While short of the 43 we had in 2020, 13 makes 2023 our #2 year. We had 0 in 2022, 2018, 2016, etc.

Common Green Darner was the top of our leader board all through March and April. That glory is now past as the forktails flew by this last week.

Last call on registration for the Jun 17 Dragonfly meeting (see the May 5 journal).

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