An observation of a very rare species of beetle Corallancyla neotropica.

One of my personal goals on Inaturalist is photograph and publish very rare taxa. For this purpose I defined very rare the taxa that have less than 10 observations on Inaturalist.

A good target for very rare observation is a mega diverse group, hard to find, arouse little interrest of people, need equipment to observe, hard to photograph and restricted occurrence area. My favorites groups are Lepidoptera, Coleoptera, Hemiptera, Angiospermae and Actinopterygii. I use my smartphone and a macro lens attached to photograph.

One day before christmas I visited my father-in-law and did a walk around. It's one of my favorite spot in the world to photograph biodiversity because it's very close to well forested areas. I was attracted to a spot with high lepidoptera activity. I saw a medium to large beetle moving in a Poacea. Fast enough I took some pictures but was dissapointed that the beetle was very active moving and eventually flyed away. When I saw the pictures at computer I first decided to delete because of the quality of images. Then I realized that I had an ok shot of dorsal view, another of torax plus head and one of the legs. I decided publish this 3 pictures.

When Julien Touroult identified as genus Corallancyla I get very happy by my decision of not delete the pictures and publish. It was the first identified observation of this genus in Inaturalist. Today I searched the genus in google and found a site with pictures of museum specimens including the holotype. Comparing my pictures and occurrence area information I concluded that It's Corallancyla neotropica species.

I'm feeling great! Please, come to Brazil, there's a lot of very rare species waiting to be photographed.

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